Attention coaches, management consultants, freelances, speakers, trainers, and other solo-professionals who want to make more money working with fewer clients:

What could an ex-baker who 15 years ago
didn't speak a lick of English and now
makes money working 4 days a week from
his home office possibly teach you?

How to Make Money While You Sleep with Your Own Hot-Selling Info-Products!

Dear Fellow Solo-Professional,

Five years ago I discovered "How to PRINT MONEY - Legally!" This was a title of a 14-page report I came across when I was starting out in my coaching and consulting business.

At the time, I was still trying to figure out how to best market myself, my cash flow was up and down (mostly down) like a yoyo, so the idea of printing money (legally!) got my attention.

Turns out the report was all about finding, creating, packaging, and selling specialized information. It was a real eye-opener.

Using the report as my cheat-sheet, I created my first 52 page manual on advanced marketing strategies and started selling it for $27. I called it “How to double your sales in 6 months or less – guaranteed!”

Later I added an audio recording of a two-hour workshop I taught on the same topic and tripled the price to $97. I printed the manual on my ink-jet, duplicated the CDs right on my home computer, and put it all together into a three-ring binder!

This info-product gave the word “homemade” a whole new meaning, but creating it changed my life.

I was now an "author." Overnight, a new world of opportunities opened up to me: new speaking engagements, (and actually getting paid to speak!), lucrative coaching clients, and celebrity-like treatment from people who've never met me before!

You too can work once and get paid over and over, differentiate
yourself from competitors, get ideal prospects to call you, enjoy
instant recognition and prestige as an author and speaker, and
make money 24/7 selling your info-products online!


Info-Products are easy and quick to create.
You DON'T need to be a writer. You don't need to be a recognized expert. I’ll show you how starting with little more than a pocket change you can be on your way to profiting big from selling information in less than 24 hours.


Info-Products offer you tremendous leverage and credibility.
You invest a small amount of time upfront and make money over and over again. And, you’ll gain instant credibility, recognition and prestige that people automatically bestow on authors.


Info-Products are outrageously profitable.
The total cost to print, package and mail my first homemade info-product was only $8.46! So I made $88.54 from every sale. Today, using the internet, you can deliver e-books, special reports, e-courses, and even audio and video completely automatically with zero printing or materials cost! I'll show you how.


Info-Products open up multiple streams of passive and leveraged revenue. Many of your clients will buy from you again and again. And because you can package and deliver your information in lots of different ways the potential for profit is truly unlimited.

How much money can you make selling info-products?

Picture this: you only work with a selected few clients you really like, yet you don’t worry about money, because every time you check your emails you find out you sold one, or two, or more of your info-products. You don’t have to package it, or ship it, or even take the money to the bank – it’s all done automatically.

My name is Adam Urbanski and I’m going to share with you proven, powerful, step-by-step blueprint you can copy to create your own hot info-products and start selling them online for $27, $67, $97, and more in just hours or days.

And the best part is many of these products will cost you nothing or very little to sell so you get to keep most of what you make! And that’s just a start.

What makes creating and selling your own info-products
so fun and exciting is that YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

You call all the shots. You can use it anyway you want!


Give it away to build your list and attract new prospects.


Sell it for immediate profit online (you really can make money while you sleep!)


Use it as a bonus with your coaching or consulting services.


Sell it from the stage every time you speak in front of an audience.


License it so that others can sell it and give you part of the money.


Turn it into a training or coaching program that you can teach yourself or license to others.

Your options are unlimited. In fact, just one successful
$97 ebook can EASILY become a $100,000 a year part time business. This really is a license to print money – legally!

Are you thinking that it takes too much time and effort to create your own info-products. Or maybe you worry that no one would want to pay for your information?

I thought the same thing. These two thoughts where holding me back from getting started for much too long!

But I found out these three things…

  1. There is always someone who knows less about a given topic than you do – and they will pay good money to find out what you know. With just a bit of research and planning you can find a hungry crowd ready to open their wallets and give you their money!
  2. The super-successful infopreneurs follow a simple,
    yet amazingly effective system
    to find out exactly what products to sell so they hit a home run every single time!
  3. Creating simple info-products is fast and easy - if you know the little inside secrets! I was slaving away at my keyboard for two weeks to write my first manual - but you don’t have to!

    I'll show you,
    step-by-step, how you can create simple products - like a 50-page manual with two audio CDs that easily sells for $97 – in less than a day!

But what if you have million ideas and are not sure how to get started, and get the content out of your head and organized fast?

Relax. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with your project and creating new content is natural. And I have just the solution you need. I brought in my "secret content-extraction weapon" - James Roche!

James has been quietly working in the trenches helping successful professionals develop signature products with amazing ease and speed. And what he'll teach you will help you get focused, organized, and blazing forward!

Of course your could hire James to work with you directly, but you better be prepared to shell out a minimum of $3,000 to have James even look in your direction and give you access to his unique content creation methods.

Even at three grand it would still be worth every penny, but he is doing me a favor and pitching in all his templates and magic formulas to make creating your first info-product even easier and faster. And you can have it for only only a small fraction of what it would cost to work with him one-on-one!

Imagine getting "you just made new sale" emails several times
a day, and making money you no longer have to work for!

Much like a real-estate assets that appreciate with time and earn you passive income your info-products will keep working for you - so you don't have to!

Think about this: when you work with clients you do the work and you get paid – once. When you INVEST TIME to create an info-product you WORK ONCE and get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid...

Getting started could never be easier, learning at your own pace, with my home study course:

"Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box"

A step-by-step blueprint for creating, marketing,
and profiting from your own info-products.

Get the EXACT STEPS you need to follow to create a hot selling info-product every time.

Discover how to: 


Test what information your audience is ready to pay for and gobble
up (even before you invest time and money into creating your product.)


Quickly turn your know-how and expertise into e-books, e-courses,
audio CDs, and other info-products
that sell themselves online – while
you sleep, travel, or simply goof off!


Automate all aspects of your sales. Turn your website into a money
making machine with no shipping, no inventory. Heck, you won’t even
have to go to the bank – it’s all automated!

With this information you will have your first product
ready and selling in only days or even hours, or it could
take you months or years of
trying it on your own!

Don't waste time reinventing the wheel when you can follow a step-by-step action blueprint and get started in hours

Here are the exact steps:

Step 1: Test if your product will sell - before you invest any time and money creating it.

Avoid the number one mistake: wasting time, effort and money on creating a product that won't sell! Instead, discover how with a bit of up-front work you can create a home-run every time!

The Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box will teach you to:


Understand the 5 factors your must consider before you spend a single minute working on your product.


Find out what are the real hot topics that your audience and clients want to know about  (even if you're just starting out and don't have a large email list or customer-base.)


Decide which type of information product is best to start with for you.


Plan your product funnel how to go from single info-product to an information empire and turn your $97 audio CD or e-book into a $100,000 a year "part-time" business.


Follow a PROVEN FORMULA and give your products attention grabbing titles that sell!


Step 2: Create juicy content that sells - with little work and in lightening speed!

You probably have one of two problems. One, you're just getting started in your field and have no idea where the information will come from, or... Two, you have so much knowledge in your head it hurts, but you don't know how to best get it out and turn it into a product fast.

The Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box will teach you to:


Take one idea and develop an info product template that you can use to produce multiple products.


Discover how to create an info-product when you don't have any content to begin with.


Use a proven Info Pie™ formula and a "chunking" process to flush powerful content out of your head with lightning speed!


Learn how to put together your first simple e-book without writing a word.


Find out how to get others to create your product for you - for free or for just pennies on the dollar!


Use a simple trick how to compose the first few chapters of your ebook so they can be used as a sample to better encourage a sale of the full product.


Leverage the same information through different delivery formats and turn it into multiple income streams.


Step 3: Put your product together using technology you can buy for pennies on the dollar. (Or outsource all the work for less money than you ever thought possible!)

You don't need to be a techno-wizard to create your own beautiful e-book and special reports, or to record great quality digital audio. We'll show you how to get all the tools you need or outsource all the recording, editing, and design work - without breaking the bank.

The Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box will teach you to:


Exactly what technology you should invest in to make your life in the information business easy.


How to set up your first audio recording studio for under $125.


How to record your audio at home, during teleseminars, and when speaking at live events. (We'll even show you a live demonstrations - you'll see the exact equipment we are using and how to do it.)


Where to get cheap royalty free music to use on your CDs.


Our exclusive rolodex of tried and tested vendors and resources. (This alone took years to develop. Having access to people with right know-how who can help you is worth a small fortune!)


Little-known insider-tricks to effectively outsource all the busy work for pennies on the dollar!


Step 4: Generate instant sales marketing your new products online and offline!

If you follow our process exactly as we show you, you'll be light-years ahead of anyone trying to do it on their own - you'll have a hungry audience waiting for your product when you are done with it.

The Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box will teach you to:


A clear, paint-by-the-numbers process to roll-out your new product with a bang!


How to structure your website and promote your product online so that you can make sales in just a few days or even a few hours after you develop your product.


A simple to follow, fill-in-the-blank FORMULA for writing your own sales letter - even if you are a complete beginner!


What you must include on your website to automatically capture more leads and turn more visitors into buyers.


How to quickly build your list to the first 1000 subscribers and then explode it to thousands more.


Proven pricing strategies so that you make the most money.


Ways to attract strategic marketing partners and get other people to keep promoting your products for you.


Step 5: Automate your sales process - from promotion to sending money to the bank - so you can make money without lifting a finger!

This is probably the best part of creating and selling your own info-products: once you develop the product you can completely automate the lead generation, sales, and fulfillment process. You'll be able to enjoy your life, even take vacations and still make money online!

The Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box will teach you to:


Build a system to keep track of sales, promotions, commissions, notify the fulfillment house to send out the product, and do all the pre- and post-sale follow-up - all without any effort on your part.


Accept online payments automatically - even if you don't have a way to accept credit card payments.


Outsource your product fulfillment so that you can focus on creating new products and spend more time with family and friends doing things you enjoy!

And the best thing is you can learn these profit-generating secrets without having to mortgage your house or rob a bank.

What is this finding out how to create passive income worth to you? Imagine how creating your own best-selling, money making e-book, audio program, home study course, workshop or course could change your life.

Think about how amazing it would feel not to have to work with clients one-on-one, and have new orders coming in 24-7 for years to come!

Or even better, using this blueprint you can create a new product every month giving you multiple streams of income.

Other information marketing experts charge as much as $3,000, $5,000, and even $7,000 for teaching these info-product development secrets.

Relax. I won’t charge nearly this much. Not even half of that. In fact, you can attend the entire info-product intensive workshop less than one-tenth of what others would have charged you.

Get the complete home study course for only $297. For a limited time, as part of a new market test I'm lowering the price to just $247! But I reserve the right to increase the price again without any warning at any time.

Why am I "giving it away" for so little money?

Because I want everyone who is serious about creating your information products to have access to this information. I know what it’s like when you are your own boss, trying to build your business.

I know you have to be careful not to spend all the money that’s left in your bank account. So I want to make it possible for you to get this information even if your cash flow is low - so that you never have to be in this position again.

Make only a few sales of your new info-product and you
will easily earn back your entire investment and more...

I know it's such a cliché, but not knowing how to create and sell your own information products is actually costing you money right now. You could be making money every day, selling products that no longer require any more work on your part.

After your attend the Info-Product Intensive Workshop and create your first product you'll earn your tuition back with just a few easy sales of...

  • Only 15 copies of your new $27 e-book.

  • Only 6 copies of your new $67 audio program, or…

  • 6 people in your next teleseminar.

  • Just 2 copies of your new $197 home-study course.

And this doesn’t even include creating really high-ticket back-end offers like coaching programs or consulting projects.

I take all the risk! You get one-year, no-questions
asked, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee!

I’m so convinced that what you’ll find the system we’ll teach you at the Info-Product Intensive Home Study Course effective and easy to follow, that I’m willing to bet my money on it too.

Here is my promise to you: Get the course, study and learn all our info-product creating secrets for one year. If by the end of the year you are not completely satisfied (actually more like “blown-away”) by all the information and instructions we’ll give you, simply let me know and I’ll refund back 100% of your tuition. You are the judge and the jury – no questions asked! Fair?

In just a few short days from now you could be reaping all the rewards of creating and selling your own info-products.

If you are serious about growing your business, I urge you to take action now. I know this knowledge will change you life – just like it changed mine.

Attend my Info-Product Intensive workshop and get the power to:

  • Help more people by providing them with valuable information.

  • Gain instant recognition in your field quickly and easily.

  • Be in CONTROL of your life and business and work the hours that YOU want to work.

  • Create partnerships and friendships with top players in your industry.

  • Instantly increase your popularity and prestige as everyone looks up to experts, authors and speakers.

  • Free up your time to spend with people you love doing things you enjoy.

  • Create a never-ending passive cash flow.

There will never be a better time to get started than now…


Yes Adam, I'm ready to follow your simple system, and create, market and sell my own info-products, so that I can make money while I sleep, and have more fun, time, and freedom in my business!


I understand that I'll also get a template-filled Info-Product Workbook with tools and resources I can start using right away. 


I understand that I'll get the Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box completely RISK FREE, because it comes with your "One Year, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee."

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Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box for
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Just one more thing: What I'll teach you about creating and selling info-product is so simple you may be tempted to dismiss it. That is certainly your option. But every idea, step, and strategy in my program is experience-based, experience-tested and experience-proven.

Stop making it hard on yourself, trying to figure this out by trial and error.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Get the Info-Product Intensive In-A-Box and get results fast.

I do hope I'll decide your experience and information are worth enough to share with more people and get into the information business. The information in my home study program will change change your life - like it changed mine!

Best of success,

Adam Urbanski

P.S. ACT NOW! You know that having your own information products is the key to creating your personal fortune. Just imagine what you’ll feel like next time you see a speaker promoting his products from the stage – knowing that it could’ve been you… Don’t miss out on this opportunity and get started by placing your order now.

P.P.S. Remember that I take all the risk. Your tuition is protected by my 100% satisfaction guarantee - so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by attending. So click here and order now


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